Join / Become part of the ITxMCS Cord Blood Program  

Cord blood units are only collected at hospitals / facilities accredited by a program approved by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Hospitals are required to have a collaborative agreement with ITxMCS.

To become part of the Cord Blood Program at ITxMCS, the hospital has to have commitment (by-in) from all involved with the education and care of expectant parents at the hospital. The agreement of Senior Management to participate in the program is also needed. By having the commitment of all involved at the hospital, will assist the program to have a huge impact not only with the patients that these samples can help but with the expectant parents who donated them.

Prior to beginning collection at your facility, the following steps are required:

  • Meetings to discuss program
  • Agreement with ITxMCS
  • Development of facility policies and procedures on Cord Blood Donation
  • Inservice/training for hospital staff

For more information about joining the Cord Blood Program at ITxMCS or for scheduling a meeting to discuss the program, please Contact Us or complete the following form.

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